The main criteria of quality of work of The Company "PRODINVEST" from the point of view of logistics - speed and consistency of product delivery Clients.

The use of modern information system which allows us to monitor inventory, clearly plan the purchase of raw materials and finished products, to properly and timely issue a package of supporting documents for each consignment of goods, and also control all stages of movement of goods on the way to the Consumer.

Our warehouses are equipped with equipment allowing to comply with the requirements for storage of raw materials for food production and finished products.

We also provide round the clock security storage facilities, with ongoing surveillance and systems of restriction and access control.

For delivery we use two types of transport - railway and automobile. This allows our clients to choose the optimal timing and cost of delivery.

Clear and concerted actions of the employees of the logistics Department of our companies to ensure that the ordered our clients the products will be delivered on time, with observance of all requirements for the storage and transportation, and with all the necessary supporting documents.