• Food enzymes

    Enzymes are mostly proteins or protein complexes, or some RNA molecules (ribozymes), which greatly accelerate chemical reactions in living systems.

    Enzymes are widely used in the food industry. With its innovative products and high-end technology solutions developed by a highly skilled staff, DSM Food Specialties made a considerable contribution to the success of many of the world’s favourite brands.

  • Direct-set starter cultures for fermented milk products

    Highly concentrated, frozen (DSF) or lyophilized (DSL) starter cultures of lactic acid microorganisms intended for direct Deposit.

    Are mandatory for all fermented dairy products - cheese, cottage cheese, sour-milk drinks and desserts, national products.

    Starter culture production DSM Food Specialties have found wide application not only in creating traditional products, but also products with probiotic properties.

  • Protective cheese coating

    Biochemical and microbiological processes occurring during cheese ripening depend greatly on handling.

    Proper handling of the cheese during ripening is fundamental to accelerating the creation of a rind, protecting against mould growth, reducing the drying-out of the cheese, and speeding-up fermentation processes.

    After the brine bath, some varieties of cheese are coated with wax or latex coatings to protect against mould growth on the outside of the cheese, to make easier the handling of cheeses and to provide a marketable appearance.

  • Food protection

    Different micro-organisms that grow on food products may be harmful and cause spoilage through flavour, taste or smell deviation. But apart from spoiling, pathogenic bacteria and moulds may produce toxins harmful to the human body.

    Based on innovation systems, DSM Food Specialties has developed effective preservatives to ensure the delivery of clean and safe food products.

  • Antibiotic residue tests

    The use of tests for the detection of antibiotic residues safeguards against the financial and brand damage, ensures your products conform to the highest safety and quality standards, and prevents eventual conflicts between the producer and the processor.

    A comprehensive antibiotic residue testing solution for milk allows to reduce waste and ensure a higher quality of products.

    In view of the above, DSM Food Specialties, a Dutch company, has developed Delvotest Accelerator, a fastest broad spectrum microbiological test for the detection of antibiotic residues in milk.

  • Cheese-ripening film

    DSM Food Specialties has developed Pack-Age™, an innovative film featuring breathable membranes for the natural ripening of cheese.