• Dairy raw materials

    Dried whole milk (SPVs), skimmed milk (SOM), dried cream, instant dry milk, heat-resistant powder milk for production of sterilized milk and specialized mixtures with various additives, milk whey powder, milk protein concentrate, lactose and whey permeate.

  • Butter & fat group

    Fat-and-oil products manufactured by our companies, includes butter (fat content 72,5% and 82%), dehydrated milk fat is a product made from cow's milk by means of separation (fat content of not less than 99,8%).
    Milk fat is in high demand in the food industry, as its application improves the quality and appearance of products. The main field of application of this product is confectionery and dairy industry. Our division is the only manufacturer of dry milk fat in Russia; own production allows us to use a flexible approach and to expand the circle of our customers.