Milk production

Cows are kept tethered, cowsheds are standard and have four aisles each.

The milking system is based on a milk flow system by Delaval.

Производство молока

The calf-growing system is based on the cold method, the calves are reared in individual cabins. After two months, calves are grouped up in specially equipped facilities.

Система выращивания телят

Meat production

Beef production is a three-phase process:

  • the milk period: Calves are reared under the cold method in individual cabins until they turn two months old, after which they are grouped in pens
  • continued growth: Calves are kept untethered in groups on thick flooring in open-air sites
  • intensive feeding: Calves are kept untethered in groups on thick flooring in open-air sites


The slaughter: When calves are 16-18 months old and weigh 400 kg.

Average increase in bodyweight during force-feeding – 980 g.

Производство говядины


Calve feeding: Calves are given high-quality whole-milk substitute Prodlak by the Dutch company Prodinvest. The whole-milk substitute is given to calves for a period of two months. After that period, the stock is grouped by gender, heifers and steers kept separately

Cow feeding: Cows are fed a nutritionally balanced feed mix containing protected fat Nutrakor produced by Prodinvest. The feed mix consists of mixed grass haylage, corn haylage, barley, corn, rape-seed cake, salt, premix, and protected fat Nutrakor.


 Feed production

 The holding’s farms conserve roughage fodder. The basic raw feeds are perennial grass haylage, corn haylage, and perennial grass hay.

Corn haylage conservation consists of the following stages:

  • the reaping and shredding of plants;
  • transportation of the mass to the storage place;
  • the laying and compacting of the mass;
  • covering the mass tightly with film to isolate it from the environment.

The reaping of corn begins once the seeds are fully ripe, when the plants contain the optimum quantity of dry matter, fibres, and proteins.

Haylage conservation covers the following operations: - the reaping, squashing, sun-curing, and raking of grass into stacks; - selecting grass from stacks, shredding it and loading it onto vehicles; - loading of sun-cured grass into the bunker and its levelling by tramping down the mass; - making the mass inside the bunker airtight.

Hay conservation follows the method of on-field drying.